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REDLINE, the global Russian educational telecommunication network ("Russian EDucational LINE") has started its work from June 29, 1994. It was founded by the Ministry of Education of Russia, Central committee of trade-union of education and science workers, "Uchitel'skaya gazeta", and Innotek Company.

REDLINE offers an access to electronic mail and conferences of different networks, and lots of other resources of the Internet, the world's largest network, which has more than 30 million users. The main task of the REDLINE network is collecting, analyzing and processing information on education together with building databases. Together with the Ministry of Education of Russia and "Uchitel'skaya gazeta" REDLINE realizes the project of making the global data bank "The All Education" which will embrace different activity areas of Russian education system's subjects. This project is sponsored by USA Government Agency for international development and by the American Fund "EuroAsia". While building the global data bank, "REDLINE" also trends to join the efforts of those organizations, which are already involved in the area of pedagogical information, and invites all interested organizations to take part in this project.

REDLINE network is not a commercial organization. The main principle of it's activity is offering miscellaneous services at the lowest price, which is suitable for schools and other educational organizations.

Moscow host center can be accessed not only by users from Moscow and the Moscow region, but instead by users in any part of Russia. Everyone can use REDLINE's services. Of course, it's necessary to have a computer and a modem, or at least an opportunity to buy them.

If you've got all the hardware and wish to get connected - just make us a call.